Dr. Lalit Lawankar

Dr. Lalit Lawankar

Dr. Lalit Lawankar  The doctor accepts in the scope of:

  • Pediatric Cardiologist

Dr. Lalit Lawankar  Languages

  • English, Hindi, Marathi

Dr. Lalit Lawankar  Experience

  • Dr. Lalit Lawankar holds an experience of 7years of experience in the field of Pediatrics and exclusively in Peadiatric cardiology.

Dr. Lalit Lawankar  Education

  • MBBS from Mumbai University (2002)
  • DNB Pediatrics from Coimbatore-Tamilnadu.(2011)
  • FNB Pediatric cardiology from Apollo Hospital New Delhi. (2015)

Dr. Lalit Lawankar  Highlights

  • First pediatric cardiologist in North Maharashtra.
  • Did the first ruptured sinus of Valsalva (RSOV) device closure in North Maharashtra successfully.
  • First smallest baby to undergo balloon aortic valvuloplasty at 2days of age with 2.43kg weight successfully.
  • First smallest baby with 5.8kg to undergo VSD device closure successfully.
  • First smallest baby with 4.5kg to undergo balloon coarctoplasty successfully.
  • First smallest baby with 2.35kg to undergo PDA device closure successfully.
  • Has abundant experience in pediatric noninvasive & interventional Pediatric Cardiology with special interest in pediatric Cardiac interventions (VSD, ASD, PDA device closure, BAS, BPV, BAV, COA Balloon angioplasty &coarctation of aorta stenting, branch PA stenting).
  • Successfully performed more than 700 interventions so far.
  • Out of which more than 150 interventions in North Maharashtra in last one year single handedly. Which includes VSD, ASD, PDA, RSOV device closure & Balloon aortic/pulmonary &coarctoplasty, coarctation of aorta stenting.